Leves Fijnmetaal B.V. is specialised in the automatic machining of high precision, often critical mechanical parts. The company has a reputation for mastering the manufacturing of even the smallest components and is able to process any type of material. Despite the often complex machining requirements, Leves Fijnmetaal delivers traceable premium quality products, which makes it a reliable single source partner. With a strong customer focus, Leves was amongst the first companies to pioneer the delivery of (re-)engineering services to the industry in order to expand upon its added-value proposition.
Throughout its existence, Leves has invested heavily in machine technology and process control with the aim of remaining at the forefront of innovative technology. The persisting slow economy delayed returns on these investments and served to weaken the company financially, despite an exemplary participative culture, committed workforce and loyal employees. Management looked for ways to revitalize the business, including the possibility of external investors. N2-Enterprise came out on top. A no-nonsense, down-to-earth, hands-on approach and a smart and insightful financial plan, benefitting all stakeholders, made N2-Enterprise the investment company of choice.

More info: www.blokgroup.nl