Blok Group is an industry-leading company in the area of additive manufacturing, the machining of (fine) mechanical parts, service & repair and assembly. In recognition of its commitment to quality and to delivering premium products, the Blok Group has been awarded ISO 9001 (aerospace) quality certification. Through its (re-)engineering capabilities it consistently delivers high customer value. The firm’s state-of-the-art machine centres facilitate maximum flexibility and efficiency and meet even the most arduous of customer demands.

Founded in 1985 and strengthened by its success, the Blok Group was able to acquire seven other industrial businesses or parts thereof. The Blok Group expended rapidly, leaving little time however for integration and harmonisation. Mindful of this situation, the owner began to look for investors in the middle of 2016. Many parties expressed an interest but none could convince the management. At the end of March 2017, N2-Enterprise, which had only just been founded, arrived on the scene.
N2-Enterprise represented the perfect match, as it was able not only to inject capital but also, and perhaps more importantly, to bring the desired management expertise. Two weeks after the first meeting the contracts were signed, such was the speed at which N2-Enterprise reacted to the opportunity.

Today the Blok Group is a vibrant company that continues to go from strength to strength thanks to its strong mix of uniquely skilled workforce, entrepreneurial drive and corporate concepts and discipline.


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