N2-Enterprise made its first investment prior to its founding being entirely completed.

This milestone speaks eloquently to the leadership of the company and the unwavering commitment to share its expertise and find mutually agreeable solutions.

The industry knowledge available at the company is not from hearsay or from advisors whom may have rarely experienced bottom line responsibility, but instead from now private entrepreneurs, whom previously acted successfully as business leaders of international blue chip companies.

The knowledge of financial restructuring at the company is deep with financial industry leading track records in banking, finance, private equity and venture capital. Some of the most visible financial restructuring projects in the Netherlands were guided and successfully closed by the now leadership of N2-Enterprise. As a result access to funding is ready available.

The combination of industry and financial knowledge is unique and that of restructuring unrivalled.


N2-Enterprise does not shy away from a real challenge. After all it has the expertise to exhaust all avenues that may revitalize a business. Even the slightest opportunity to recovery followed by growth will surface from the analysis executed. So whether it involves a company in distress or one that needs reinventing and/or recapitalizing as a result of a game changing market entrant, N2-Enterprise is well positioned to help provide the answer.

Typically N2-Enterprise focuses on:

  • Medium sized companies – annual turnover euro 10-500 million.
  • Distress, no follow-up, divestment, reinvention, capital requirement.
  • Benelux and UK based.
  • Focus on industry – Original Equipment Manufacturers / First tier suppliers.
  • Controlling or shared control stakes.
  • Growth potential – Organic / acquisition / international expansion.


N2-Enterprise code of conduct is to apply the highest standards in business ethics.

The stage of the life-cycle the investment opportunity is in, often proofs irrelevant as together we will find the best way forward. Facts may sometimes be experienced as confronting, but with an empathy for company culture these are more often than not readily excepted by management, providing the basis for recovery and growth.

Expertise to world class standards in every functional domain or business process is available at N2-Enterprise.

Our successes are rooted in collaborating with management and the shop floor or when required temporarily taking charge of the business until it is stable and out of the danger zone.

The spectrum of management tools available is wide, with extraordinary expertise at our fingertips through our extensive network.


Employees are considered the most valuable assets of an organization and should therefore be closely involved.

Collective intelligence
Mobilizing, sharing and connecting knowledge and information is considered pivotal in the process of change.

Courage to stand-out, think differently, break moulds and ‘be wrong’ is an essential attribute to the design and implementation of improvements.

Cultural affinity
We create an inclusive company climate during the process of change, irrespective of cultural diversity and uncertainty which may exist amongst employees.

Real time
Because time often matters you may expect expedient thorough open book analysis and swift decisions.

Our team will be actively and personally involved and committed in executing any agreed transition.

N2-Enterprise is a trusted, long-term investment partner aiming at benefitting all stakeholders.



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